Zedafoni Winery

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Wine & Tradtion

Georgia  is one of the world’s oldest winemaking countries. It is believed that winemaking and viticulture first began here in the Caucasus region around 6000 years ago. Archaeological evidence suggests that at that time, the inhabitants of this region were cultivating vines and fermenting their grapes into primitive forms of wine.

In the small Georgian town of Zestaphoni, our family has been making wine for generations. Zestaphoni seems well suited to our cool climate and long growing season.! Everyone remembers their first love and I remember my first workday in our vineyard, it was 65 years ago. Now, I am 70 years old and I still enjoy my work. ! Every year, I produce only 1000 bottles white wine and YOU can taste one of those. Our guests have the possibility to get more information about this wine tradition and to taste our organic wine.  The following Georgian  variety can be found in our wine cellar: Tsitska, Tsolikousi and Saperavi.